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Blackberry’s Smartphone with Keyboards

May be some people asking, why need a Smartphone with keyboards if we had Smartphone with classy touch screen. Well, touch screen is great, but for some people, they prefer the tactile efficiency of physical buttons. To elderly and the Smartphone beginner users, the QWERTY keyboards can be the transition process from the average cell phone to the Smartphone. But, as you can see the Smartphone with keyboards are rare, but at the same time you can’t let out the efficiency of feeling those letters underneath your fingers or may be the satisfying click clacking sound you heard while you are typing. There are so many reasons to remain stick to the QWERTY physical keyboards. Do you want to let your fingers fly even happier? These are some Smartphone with keyboards that make your Smartphone life experience be great even more.

Although it seems so obvious, Blackberry would be the champion if we mention about Smartphone with keyboards. Since the beginning until now, Blackberry is the most royal Smartphone manufacturer who sticks with QWERTY physical keyboards. Now you can see the innovation from the newest version of Blackberry, the Blackberry Passport. It is being made in a little awkward design, though. Maybe Blackberry had their own reasons, but Blackberry Passport has a potential power to be a sleeper hit for Blackberry. This Smartphone with keyboards is also touch enabled and has a very useful software tools like Blackberry Assistant and Blend. Equipped with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, you can’t take strong performance of Blackberry Passport lightly. You are not a Blackberry fans? It’s okay, there is another option that come from LG. To be precise, the LG Optimus F3Q. It is supports a comfortable physical QWERTY keyboards, has a reliable 4G LTE speeds and the absolute call quality. You can see Optimus F3Q as the proper match to Blackberry as the Smartphone with keyboards.
Title: Blackberry’s Smartphone with Keyboards
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